Daitoku, professional Ponzu maker operating “KAYU shop”


About Daitoku

Founding of the past 60 years.

Daitoku has been a long-established maker of Ponzu and Tadesu with passion for quality and handmade for 60-odd years.

“食”-It is written as good for man and read as “food” in Japanese.

We face the meaning and work on making our own products.

In addition, as an OEM that meets customers’ demands, we work on making various tastes using our traditional seasoning manufacturer’s know-how.

Company Info

5-16 Shinhashideracho, Moriguchi, Osaka, 570-0098, Japan




Our goal is “Obsessiveness promotes health”. We believe “true wealth man asks” is “to stay healthy and able to enjoy their meal”. To live a healthy and prosperous daily life for man, taking heed of being involved in “food” is the most important and “making quality products with sincerity” matters. Even we find our life worth living in contributing to people’s health promotion by sticking to it. While devoting ourselves to making quality and cordial products, we are keen to build company structure for the next 50 years which will encourage new creation with fermented belief of “KAYU(enjoy with fruits)”.

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