About Yuzu ginger syrup


Encounter between Yuzu’s charm and ginger’s charm

“Yuzu ginger syrup” is our original drink produced with clean sweet by condensing Yuzu’s pleasant aroma and ginger’s character.

You can taste whole charms of Yuzu cultivated by our own contracted farmer and ginger with well-stored power of the earth.

Enjoy the taste of Daitoku’s original drink by mixing it with water and soda, pouring it on shaved ice or drinking as cocktail.

Pleasant aroma reaching heart

Yuzu is an essential part of Japanese culture for cooking, seasonal events and bath.

Now this aroma is garnering attention around the world for an effect.

Power of the Yuzu aroma reduces a lot of stress and enables us to enjoy our everyday life.

Leaving aside where the power comes from, that rich aroma brings smiles to our faces for some reason as you know.

Daitoku’s “Yuzu ginger syrup” seals this whole Yuzu aroma in the syrup by its own manufacturing method.

Anyway, an experience of a drink will tell the difference.

Strong flavor of ginger

Ginger grown on productive land. Its health effects have received attention. In Japan, the word “Onkatsu” which means boosting metabolism routine, became general. The subject of this effect spread from Asia to the world and the power of ginger became known to the world along with the flavor of ginger.

Acridity and flavor of ginger are sealed in Daitoku’s “Yuzu ginger syrup”. Yuzu aroma and sweetness of original syrup. These two tied with mild acridity ensure refreshing flavor.

Of course, the power of ginger is still the same and perfect for “Onkatsu”.

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