<Daitoku’s passion>

Reliable, safe and tasty
Fruits of love from maker and producer for consumers

Thank you for visiting “KAYU shop” by Daitoku, a maker of Ponzu and Tadesu with passion for ingredient and quality.

Bending our ears to the whisper of fruits and talking with them for more than half a century.

We have remained loyal to flavorful acid citrus juice and devoted ourselves to research and product development on this.

Being a company that researches energy and wonderful power of fruits, develops it as a product and gives you a suggestion of healthy life, and delivering safe, reliable and tasty products.

Daitoku knows that is our mission.

Living up to values of daily diversifying “food”, continuing asking what real one is and what product makes customers really happy, and developing a “quality product” with technique and manufacturing know-how as a maker of Ponzu and Tadesu with flavorful acid citrus juice.

We work on our daily tasks believing that there are certainly customer’s smile and rich days ahead.

Products on the Web shop are fruits of love from Yuzu and Sudachi(ingredients of the product) farmers as well as producer.

Enjoy our one and only quality and taste.

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