Charm of Yuzu


Yuzu is a typical flavorful acid citrus

Do you know a word called “flavorful acid citruses”? If you get an idea from Chinese characters, it would be “citruses having rich flavor and acid”. The word is described as “acid citrus unfit for eating raw” in a dictionary. This might bring you negative impression on the flavorful acid citruses, but certainly it is not.

Flavor and acid of the flavorful acid citruses are valuable to people in many situations and are expected to bring about several health effects. And Yuzu is a representative of the flavorful acid citruses. These flavorful acid citruses including Yuzu are very indispensable ingredients in our Ponzu and Yuzu ginger syrup. Let us introduce just a little about charm of Yuzu.

Yuzu flavor has great relaxing effect

Japanese are very familiar with this flavor. Yuzu is used for cooking and adopted as part of seasonal festival such as Yuzuyu(hot citron bath). The flavor relieves heart at an unexpected moment.

Such a Yuzu flavor has actually not only emotional effect. Substances included abundantly in Yuzu flavor called limonene and citral are said to have many effects. Among them, relaxing and improvement of metabolism are noteworthy effects. It exerts on human sympathetic and revives heart.

Today many companies, hospitals, children’s facilities and elderly facilities give attention to the effect of Yuzu. They try to take in positive effects.

Daitoku thinks to use whole taste and charm of Yuzu for their products when they work on making.

Expectation for antioxidant action

It is a well-known fact that Yuzu is rich in vitamins. Among them, it is said that content of vitamin C in Yuzu is three times as many as lemon. Such effects are expected as skin-beautifying effect and prevention of cold since this much vitamin is contained in Yuzu.

And one more effect is expected which is vitamin C’s antioxidant action. The more body acidizes, the broader fatigue and disease spread thereof. Vitamin C rich in Yuzu prevents this acidification.

Also, hesperidin and naringin in Yuzu prevent sensitivity to cold by keeping blood in a smooth state and improving blood current. Substance called pectin is said to have an effect of doing increase systemic metabolism and regulating enteric motion. Various health effects of Yuzu handed down from past generations are on surer scientific grounds.

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