Privacy policy


Kayu shop operated by Daitoku Corporation (hereafter “Our company”) strongly recognizes the importance of personal information protection and formulates privacy policy for our site( as stated below. Our company ensures that personal information is appropriately handled.




Article 1 Definition of personal information

Personal information means personally identifiable information. In this site, personal information refers to name, e-mail address, inquiry content, purchase content and address required in procedures for “inquiry” and “purchase”.




Article 2 Acquisition of personal information

When acquiring personal information, our company clarifies the purpose of utilization and acquires in an appropriate manner complying with laws and regulations.




Article 3 Use of personal information

Our company uses customers’ personal information only for the following purposes.

  1. Responding to inquiries from customers
  2. 2.Fulfilling a contract and providing products and services in business


Article 4 Managing personal information

Our company maintains accuracy of personal information and works to control that information safely. Our company also implements necessary measures to protect personal information strictly from risks including unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration and leak.



Article 5 Providing personal information to third parties

Our company does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties excluding the following cases.

  1. When person’s approval is granted beforehand
  2. When subcontracting to other company is needed to provide service required by customer
  3. When the disclosure is necessary to protect human body, human life and personal property
  4. When the disclosure is necessary for services requested by customer and provided by our partner company
  5. When the disclosure is necessary to share and use personal information communally for customer’s credit decision and management in business with us and our partner company
  6. When customer files petitions in bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate arrangement and special liquidation.
  7. When the disclosure is necessary based on laws and regulations



Article 6 Outsourcing

Our company may outsource part of our business to realize services required by customer. When provision of personal information to outsourcing company is required, our company provides that information after confirming that the outsourcing company has personal information protection framework and signing “non-disclosure agreement”




Article 7 Inquiry, correction, suspension of use and deletion of personal information

When customer requires disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion of his/her personal information, our company promptly accommodates by personal identification in accordance with procedures set by us.




Article 8 Change in or amendment to constitution

Our company may change the contents of this privacy policy as needed. When changed, our company expresses the change and presents a date the change becomes effective on our website.




Article 9 inquiry

Please use the below contact details for inquiries on this privacy policy.






Daitoku Corporation



Business hours:

Monday to Friday/9:30-18:00(Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays are closed)

Additional clause/this bylaw is effective on December 25th, 2017.



Social media policy




Daitoku Corporation (hereafter “Our company”) sets a policy (hereafter “Policy”) as stated below, upon social media operation including social networking service (hereafter “SNS”). This Policy is rule to nurture proper communication continually on trust between our customers and all staff. Please read through the Policy and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Article 1(Aims)

  1. Our company operates various social media for the following purposes;
    1. Achieving better communication between us and user
    2. Our advertising and publicity activities
    3. Our marketing
  2. Our company always pushes forward for these aims without slacking our best efforts.



Article 2(Definition)
Our company defines terms used herein as stated below.

(1) Social media
  1. Web services including posting site and related SNS run by us
  2. Our own medium run by us
  3. Information providing service provided by each brand our company owns for registered customers
(2) Contents A general term for plan, information and image(including posted information) provided by social media run by us
(3)User 1)”Customer” who uses us and brand operated by us

2) Reader of SNS operated by us

3) Our all staff

(4)ID User’s unique string to use service operated by us
(5)Password Unique secret code set by user corresponding to ID
(6) Posting Action of user’s posting text, string, image and comment
(7)Posted information A general term for information including text, string, image and comment posted by user
(8)Personal information A general term for personal identifiable information including address, name, career and telephone number. Content determined in privacy policy of our official website in particular.
(9)Registration information A general term for information registered by user on this site (except for posted information)
(10)Intellectual property Technical and business information useful for text which is produced by creative activity related to social media operated by us, design, trademark, trade name, product used for other business activities, something to indicate service, trade secret and other business activities
(11)Intellectual property right A patent right, a utility model right, a plant breeder’s right, a design right, a copy right, a trademark right, a right that is stipulated by laws and regulations on other intellectual property or right pertaining to an interest that is protected by acts



Article 3(Service contents provided by social media)

Our company provides various services to achieve objective of this service on this site. Please see each webpage on individual service description and provision.


Article 4(Period)

There is no particular period of a contract for this service; provided, however, that our company may terminate the contract with immediate effect if user performs an act causing cancellation.


Article 5(Usage fee)

User does not have any extra strain such as membership fee in regard to use of this service.


Article 6(Outsourcing)

Our company may outsource all or part of our business in planning and structuring system and website as needed. Our company takes the best action to protect customers’ personal information such as demanding the conclusion of non-disclosure agreement from outsourcing company.


Article 7(Entry)

  1. Person interested in signing up for our social media (hereafter “Applicant for entry”) needs to apply for entry in a prescribed way in agreement with this Policy.
  2. Person who signs up for entry shall be a user once our company approves the application and user registration is completed and take complete responsibility for any action and statement performed with issued ID.
  3. Our company may announce informative matter and offer advertising and other information via e-mail for user.
  4. Our company may not be able to approve the entry application at our discretion if Applicant for entry corresponds to at least either one of the following;
    1. When Applicant for entry applies for entry by using a method our company does not prescribe
    2. When Applicant for entry has received a disposition of withdrawal on the ground of violating this Policy and other terms of use set by us in past
    3. When our company determines that Applicant for entry signs up through dishonest means
    4. When Applicant for entry signs up using others’ information
    5. When our company determines that Applicant for entry signs up to violate public order and morality and use as a means of crime
    6. In addition, when our company considers as unsuitable



Article 8(ID and password management)

User shall take responsibility to manage ID and password for this service.

Article 9(Change of registration information)

User’s ID information shall be changed and managed at each user’s own risk, and a copy shall be saved certainly for reconfirmation on his/her own responsibility.

Article 10(Withdrawal)

  1. When user hopes for withdrawal, user needs to perform withdrawal procedures by methods set by us or SNS our company uses.
  2. Our company removes user from its membership forcibly at our discretion if the user corresponds to at least either one of the following;
    1. When it becomes clear that user registration is done by using a method our company does not prescribe
    2. When user violates this Policy and other utilization purpose and terms of use set by us
    3. In addition, when our company considers as unsuitable
  3. If user has debt and responsibility for us when withdrawal, he/she shall continue to be obliged to pay after the withdrawal.


Article 11(Conditions)

  1. User shall possess an ID per person. A user shall not possess several IDs and share an ID with multiple people.
  2. Our company admits of issuing and managing an ID related to multiple people regardless of the previous clause after prior approval from us.
  3. User may not transfer, pledge and lent his/her ID to a third party; provided, however, that he/she may only lent it after prior approval from us.
  4. User shall be responsible for any of his/her own actions using our social media.
  5. User shall understand that responsibility lies with him/her on source of information posted by the user, and post information with the maximum intent to feel others and pride.
  6. Each user shall save information posted by him/her on his or her own responsibility if necessary.
  7. User may not lie about his or her age and other information for ID, and use other’s information upon registration.



Article 12(Prohibited acts)

Our company prohibits the following acts in using social media run by us. If violation is identified, our company takes necessary measures such as forced withdrawal, suspension of use and removal of posted information.

Our social media is for better communication with all users. Our company expects self-respecting behavior based on individual dignity and responsibility.

  1. Act of infringing intellectual property right of us or a third party
  2. Act of defamation, unjust discrimination or mental abuse to us or a third party
  3. Act of infringing on the right to privacy of us or a third party
  4. Act of disclosing personal information of us or a third party without prior permission
  5. Act of infringing on property of us or a third party, or act likely to infringe
  6. Act of causing economic harm to us or a third party
  7. Threatening act to us or a third party
  8. Act which is regarded as interruption of our business
  9. Act of obtaining ID for suspended user
  10. Act which a person registers several e-mail addresses to possess several IDs
  11. Act which multiple people possess an ID together
  12. Act of posing problems for management and system of this service
  13. Act of posting content which our company judges as immoral, child pornography and something to lack grace
  14. Posting false information
  15. Posting content which our company recognizes that it causes food sanitary problem
  16. Posting image and text not related to the purpose of this site
  17. Posting same or similar contents
  18. Posting content which breaks laws and regulations
  19. Posting content which leads to ethnic and racial discrimination
  20. Posting content which gives an unpleasant feeling to users
  21. Outside of above, any act and post which our company considers as unsuitable


Article 13(Copyright and posting)

  1. User must post not to infringe a third party’s copyright. User may not post image, music, text and other information which infringes a third party’s copyright; provided, however, that this shall not apply in the case there is prior permission from right holder. In this case, user shall create information so as to show he/she has permission from right holder and post after paying attention to avoid misunderstanding.
  2. Copyright and moral right belong to user on information posted by user without infringing a third party’s copyright and things beyond the scope of our copyright.
  3. Please see Article 15 if our company uses information posted by user.
  4. User shall certainly use his/her own copyrighted work or thing with right authority when posting information. User may not copy a third party’s description in regard to text; provided however, that “quotation” based on copyright law shall be excluded.


Article 14(Intellectual property right)

  1. In this service, all intellectual property rights and various commercial rights on contents provided by us (except for posted information) shall belong to us.
  2. In this service, rights of posted information including copyright and moral right belong to user; provided, however, that this shall not apply in the case the user infringes a third party’s copyright.
  3. Our company shall be able to use information posted by user for advertising and publicity activities; provided, however, that our company shall take appropriate personal information protection measures so as not to identify an individual.
  4. Our company shall provide user a prior explanation and obtain his/her consent when we publish publication using the said user’s copyright work or use it for purpose other than the previous clause.




Article 15(Access control)

  1. Our company shall reserve the right to restrict access to this service including moratorium on use if user corresponds to at least either one of the following items.
    1. When our company determines that user’s this site usage causes damages such as computer virus and diffusion of mass e-mails, to us or a third party
    2. When our company is less able to communicate with user via e-mail
    3. In addition, when our company judges that access control is necessary
  2. Our company shall not be liable for any user and other on the access control.




Article 16(Deletion and change authority)

  1. Our company may take measures to delete posted information in a moment and ID, and prohibit any future use if it corresponds to at least either one of the following items.
    1. When user violates this Policy or any provision prescribed separately
    2. When registered ID is obtained or used by antisocial forces, its members and its related parties or when our company judges that there is a risk it could be used by them
    3. When posted information turns out to be the one user does not possess
  2. Our company shall not be liable for any person concerned and a third party on deletion or prohibition of use.
  3. Our company may change, halt and terminate service content anytime without notification to user or other when we determine it is necessary.
  4. Our company may change this Policy, and update, add, change and delete site contents without prior notification to user and other at our discretion.
  5. Our company shall not liable for any user and other on change, halt and termination of site contents




Article 17(Personal information management)

  1. Our company does our best efforts to manage personal information properly within the range required for social media operation.
  2. Our company shall take measures which are considered as being appropriate to prevent personal information leakage and loss and manage other personal information safely.
  3. Our company exercises necessary and adequate supervision of our employees handling personal information for safe management of personal information.
  4. Our company shall promptly discard or delete personal information which is no longer required to save on this service operation.
  5. There may be a case where our company outsources all or part of personal information handling to people other than us. In this case, our company shall clarify measures that the outsourcee have to take regarding safe management of personal information and exercise necessary and adequate supervision of the outsourcee in outsourcing agreement and non-disclosure agreement.
  6. User should be liable for posting and the posting user shall be liable for any personal information contained in the post.
  7. Our company discloses and provides in regard to the following cases regardless of previous clause as necessary.
    1. When it is based on laws and regulations
    2. When our company judges that it is necessary for protecting a third party’s life, body and property
    3. When it is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children
    4. When cooperation is necessary for public institution or its entrusted persons to accomplish business affairs prescribed by laws and it may hinder the completion of this work by obtaining the consent of the person




Article 18(Discharge)

  1. Our company assumes no responsibility for contents of posted information by user.
  2. Our company may not get involved in communication and activity between users. If conflict is caused, it shall be resolved between the said users and our company shall not liable for that.
  3. Our company shall not liable for obligations of observation, check and preservation on posted information.
  4. Our company assumes no responsibility for legitimacy, morality, reliability and accuracy on home page linked from each page of this site.




Article 19(Limitation of claimable amount)

Our company assumes no obligation for compensation for any damage arising from using social media provided by us.


Article 20(Relationship with other services)

Stated provision shall be applicable if there is a provision other than this Policy in this service and other services provided by us. In case there is description inconsistent with this Policy, the provision of such service is preferentially applied.


Art. 21 (Notification method)

When we decide that it is necessary to contact with the user, we will notify you by e-mail or similar method. Even if the user decides that it is necessary to contact us, we will communicate in the same way.




Article 22(Reporting contact office for violation)

Please contact our information desk if you find any activity that violates this Policy.

<Information desk> (Contact desk for Daitoku Corporation)




Article 23(Governing law)

Governing law of this Policy shall be the Constitution of Japan and each regulation in Japan.


Article 24(Jurisdiction)

With regard to any dispute arising between us and user related to this Policy, a court with jurisdiction over our head office location shall be an agreement jurisdiction court of first instance.



Enacted on December 1st, 2017

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