Charm of ginger


Symbol of “A balanced diet leads to a healthy body”

Ginger has been used as crude drug and food from old times. Actually it appears in the oldest book in Japan called “Kojiki”. The palatability and medical benefits have been long known.

This charm of ginger is known throughout the world and ginger has been also used as food and medicine from time immemorial in the same manner as Japan. Ginger represented “good and right food”. A balanced diet leads to a healthy food. It is an ingredient that embodies status of Chinese medicine established in China.

Ginger improves physical condition by increasing metabolism

Ginger is regarded as very highly effective crude drug. The primary effect is “diverging action” and “stomachic and antiemetic action”.

“Diverging action” is used to improve initial symptom of cold with algidity by stimulating sweating. And “Stomachic and antiemetic action” is an effect brought about by a constituent called gingerol. It not only helps gastrointestinal function recovery from cold gastrointestinal and also reduces nausea.

As one more effect, it is known that ginger stimulates enteric activity and encourages defecation actively.

The common term is “egestion” which means “detoxification” effect. Ginger is a representative of the ingredient that improves metabolism and helps to rid the body of bad things.

Beneficial effect from raw ginger

Beneficial effects from raw ginger are actually different from the ones from cooked ginger. The best-known effort is the foregoing “stomachic and antiemetic action” among the beneficial effects from raw ginger. The constituent called gingerol rich in raw ginger is said to be source of this effort.

Beneficial effect from cooked ginger

Cooked ginger has a stimulating effect on body fat breakdown and consumption in a muscle. And a constituent called shogaol increases when ginger heated below 100 degrees. This pungent ingredient increases overall blood flow and warms a body from inside. This effect can be restated as a “metabolism improving effect”. This is the reason ginger is good for “improving cold-sensitive constitution”, “beauty care” and “diet” in which women are interested.

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